Hi! My name is Aahlaysia Gentry 

(Ah-lay-sha Jen-tree)
I am a graphic designer that focuses on brands and logos. I am a confident, passionate, and creative graphic designer with extensive experience working with both print and digital media. A deadline-oriented individual with four years of experience in the graphic design industry working on a variety of projects from social media content to comprehensive rebranding projects. 
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside on May 11th, 2024 with my bachelors in graphic design. In my free time I love to learn as much as I can, practice Russian with DuoLingo, and freshen up my design skills. 

Aahlaysia N. Gentry
Owner of Aahlaysia Designs
Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design
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